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Mira (Pinki) Krispil Sigal Barnea

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Two addicted Polymer clay Artists, who decided to gather their Different, Unique and most ORIGINAL techniques and methods, to one place.

Mira (Pinki) Krispil, Polymer Clay Artist since 2005, manager of the "IPCG-Israeli Polymer Clay Guild", designs and sculptes her colorful and unique One-Of-A-Kind items in Polymer clay

Sigal Ben Haim, Polymer Clay Artist since 2001, a Polymer Clay Millefiori Master, designs and creates Polymer Clay canes, beads, One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry pieces, teaches the Polymer Clay Art for lots of years and develops techniques.
Name: Mira (Pinki) Krispil Sigal Barnea <pc.pdf.store@gmail.com>

Age: 7 Years Old (1/4/2011)
Location: Israel